We try to maintain fair market prices. We have a huge database filled with pricing information. Most of our prices are based on our last selling price of an item. We do use guidebooks also, but I've found that they are never totally accurate. Some books are very low in general, some very high. We always try to price our items fairly and competitively.

Occasionally we under price items, and of course they don't last long. Sometimes we over price items. Of course these we have longer than we'd like. My computer takes care of these, as each month we run a special program that looks for items we've had to long. When it finds them it lowers the price automatically, so that eventually we will get the price right.

We also offer volume discounts. So the more you buy, the better deal you are going to get.

To be fair to everyone, prices are not negotiable. I don't mean to be hard along this line, but it is just our policy to stick by our prices, which I feel the vast majority of the time are very competitive and fair.

Revised: 2/28/98

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