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Free Electric Train Price Guide
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BOWSER O SCALE Generated 06/12/2017

Description Grade Year Price
50001 BRILL TIN TROLLEY Vg+ Ob 2006 40.00
050124 O-BRILL TROLLEY Ex+ Ob 2005 46.00
050124 O BRILL TIN PLATE TROLLY New Ob 2009 89.00
551-050162 BIRNEY TROLLEY CAR 3 RAI Vg Ob (nds Work) 2004 32.00
050164 O BIRNEY TIN TROLLEY CAR Ln Ob 1993 45.00
551-050164 O BIRNEY TIN PLATE YELLO Ex Ob 1996 59.00
50166 O BIRNEY TIN TROLLEY CAR Ex Ob 2011 41.00
87018 53' CN ROADRAILER (LOT OF 4) New Ob 2008 61.00
87023 CN ROADRAILER LOT OF 10 New Ob 2008 112.00
BRILL TROLLEY Excellent 2011 59.00

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