Train City News (continued)

August 25, 2005   [New Store Door] With any luck our new store door becomes reality on Monday, August 29.

August 25, 2005   [Incoming Inventory] Last week I was in Massachusetts purchasing a MTH collection. This weekend I'll be in Kentucky purchasing a Lionel collection. Some really nice inventory in both collections. They will be appearing on and this site very soon!

July 26, 2005   [Incoming!] We have just purchased a nice sized collection in Michigan. Even so, we still need to purchase more trains. If you have trains for sale, please email us!

June 29, 2005   [Incoming!] We have purchased several collections in the past week or so. One that will be appearing on has some dust from display, but for the main part grades like new to new. If you don't mind cleaning, these lots will be smart buys!

April 11, 2005   [Incoming!] We have three collections coming in this week. One is the biggest I've purchased all year. Things are looking up, but I want to buy more train collections, so please pass the word!

March 17, 2005   [New Canadian Collection!] We have just purchased a Lionel collection from Canada. There are many Canadian road name items in this collection. Most will appear at, but some will appear in our shopping cart on this site as well. See new stuff!

December 19, 2004   [Lionel Polar Express Set sold out!] Sorry, they sold out.

December 17, 2004   [Lionel Polar Express Set in stock!] We now have this hot set in stock and can deliver by Christmas if you order soon. If you would like to order one on-line on our shopping cart type 'polar' in the search box at the top of this page. (Don't include the quotes.) Or call us at 814 833-8313.

December 14, 2004   [Lionel Polar Express Set in stock!] My distributor called me today and told me they are sending a limited number of the elusive Polar Express Set. So we'll have them in stock probably on Friday December 17th. This will give us just enough time to get them to you by Christmas. If you would like us to hold one for you give us a call at 814 833-8313. Don't forget this is a very limited supply, so first come, first served!

August 31, 2004   [We are buying again!] Due to the huge estate we purchased in March we had to curtail our buying over the past five months. We are now officially back in the buying mode. Now that most of the estate has been processed, we are strong buyers of electric trains again, finally!

August 17, 2004   [We are still here!] Sorry for not updating these pages for well over a month. I've been so busy working on the huge estate purchased in March, that I have hardly had time to do anything else. We are making progress on the collection though, and I will say this... HELP!!!! LOL. We've actually been buying some things as well. I snuck down to Florida around week ago to buy a collection, and we have purchased a couple others that are in the back burner until we get finished with this one. Not sure if I ever will, but that's OK! By the way, we never did get to move as announced on June 25. Go figure! Well please visit our auction site where there is more activity every day! Don't forget about our shopping cart on this site as we are adding to that as well. And thanks to everyone who is helping us move this collection. We'd be buried under an avalanche of trains without you!

June 25, 2004   [ moving] Important notice: will be moved probably this coming week to our new dedicated server. The move should go fairly smoothly, except for the shopping cart portion of our site. The shopping cart will at some point this week be shut down for the move. I believe it will only be down for a short period of time. Unfortunately we will loose all data in the shopping cart system with this move. You will be required to re-registered to purchase from our shopping cart once the cart is moved. Sorry for any inconvenience, but due to technical and security problems, there is no way around that. We will try to give you more of a time table as things progress.

June 19, 2004   [New Inventory] I have just processed a bunch of Lionel Modern sets. The storage area is full, so these sets can be seen in our shopping cart section above. If you see something you like, make sure you buy it now. These will move over to the auction site once we can open up some space. By the way I am around half way through this collection. Lots more to come!!!

April 4, 2004   [Shopping Cart Down!] The company that handles our shopping cart system is completely down. They are working on it and hopefully it will be up soon!

March 12, 2004   [New Inventory] I am processing a huge collection right now. Check out our shopping cart on this site and for lots of exciting new inventory!

February 14, 2004   [ back up and running] The site has been up for a couple of days and working nicely. is back up and running. Thanks for your patience.

February 9, 2004   [new choochoo status!] Is there a doctor in the house?? I need a shrink. Yes, choochoo is down again. There is a technical reason for it, but let's just talk apples here. The dns is now changing, and the cycle should be complete within a day or so. Then the site will be back up and running. (I hope!) Simple as that! Good thing my office isn't on a high rise building right now!

February 7, 2003   [ back up and running] We are happy to day that is back up and running. Thanks for your patience.

February 2, 2004   [New Inventory] I just purchased a new collection from near Punxsutawney, PA. (Ironic because today is Ground Hog Day! At any rate it is a very interesting and large mainly Lionel collection with a mixture of post war and modern trains. I've added 30 items to our shopping cart above, so check out the new stuff. There will be a lot more coming, so check every day!

January 28, 2004   [ problem] is down at this time. We are working on the site, but it is going slow at this point. You will see more inventory going on this site's shopping cart system until it returns. Go to for more info.

December 27, 2003   [New Store Computer] We have installed a new computer in the store that is exclusively for our customers who might want to look through, or this site while visiting our store. The computer is set up so that you can check your items, browse, bid, or even take advantage of buy-it-now items while in our store. If you have never used our site and would like some help, we would be happy to show you how to set up an account, bid, etc.

November 26, 2003   [American Flyer Collection] Last week we purchased a very nice American Flyer collection. It will start appearing on this site and and this coming week. Stay tuned!

November 8, 2003   [Lionel Post War Collection] Last week we purchased a very nice Lionel post war collection. It will start appearing on this site and and this coming week. There is some really nice stuff in this collection so please stay tuned!

October 15, 2003   [New Standard Gauge Collection] We have started to process the new Lionel pre-war standard gauge collection. It will start appearing on this site and tonight. Please keep in mind that this collection was extremely dusty and dirty because the owner actually did work for the railroad and he had the philosophy, 'if they didn't clean the real ones, he wasn't going to clean is play trains'! If you don't mind some cleaning, I am sure you will find many bargains. It will take us probably around 2 weeks to list the entire collection.

October 7, 2003   [The Deal Is On!] Finally, we have made a deal to purchase a nice sized Lionel standard gauge collection that we had been working on for some time. I will pick the collection up this weekend in New England, and the trains will start appearing on this site and starting next week, so make sure you stay tuned, especially if you like old Lionel standard gauge trains!

September 29, 2003   [New Inventory] We have just purchased yet another collection. This one is mainly Mike's Train House and will be appearing mostly on starting this Wednesday. So please check it out if you are a Mike's Train House type person!

September 12, 2003   [American Express] Sorry to say we will no longer accept American Express due to some new charges that they have added to merchants accounts. We already were paying more to accept American Express, and unfortunately with the new charges it is too expensive for the few customers that use it. In trying to keep our costs down we had to make this move. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

September 9, 2003   [New Inventory] The collection we are currently working on that will appear here and on is mainly modern Lionel trains. One thing about this collection is everything is brand new and most of the boxes are exceptional. If you are looking for nice, crisp boxes make sure you look over this new inventory!

August 25, 2003   [New Inventory] I've just returned from a trip to New Jersey to purchase yet another train collection which will start appearing on this site and over the next couple of weeks. I will be traveling later this week for another Lionel collection. I believe next week I will be purchasing a huge Lionel pre-war standard gauge collection in New England. The collections just keep coming. So please visit both of our sites regularly.

August 10, 2003   [New Inventory!] We have purchased several collection over the past month. We have been so busy with the new inventory, we haven't had much time to announce it. Just yesterday I returned from a buying trip where I bought a dealer's inventory of mainly early Lionel MPC and some post war. Some will be appearing above in our shopping cart system. However we have made some changes, so much of the inventory will appear on We have changed over to more buy-it-now auctions which you have the option of purchasing right away for a low retail price, or you can bid on the auction and possibly win it for a great wholesale price. Once there is a bid on a buy-it-now item the buy it now option is not available. Please check it out, there are many items at our auction site, and many more coming soon!

June 20 2003   [Been Fishin!] Sorry for the lack of updates to this site over the past couple of months. Have been very busy with and buying trains. I will do my best to update the main topic this coming week. Many new items will appear on this site and and over the extended future. Please check daily!

June 9, 2003   [New Inventory] I have just purchased four collections which will start appearing in 'new stuff' on this site and today. Make sure you check it out. Lots of nice trains at great prices!

May 8, 2003   [New Inventory] We have purchased a nice sized Lionel collection last week that will start appearing in 'new stuff' on this site and today or tomorrow. Make sure you check it out. Lots of nice trains for your shopping pleasure!

April 2, 2003   [ successfully moved.] We have successfully moved to it's permanent home. The site is up and running! Also please check out the new on-line community which will replace our message boards.

April 2, 2003   [ being moved.] We are in the process of moving to it's permanent home. This should resolve the recent problems with the worm virus. We should be back up by the 3rd of April.

March 24, 2003   [ down] Our server for seems to be down. I'm not sure specifically what the problem is, but we are trying to get it fixed and back up and running. This has nothing to do with the software, this is the Internet Provider this time.

March 18, 2003   [New Inventory] The first update from the Houston, Texas collection appears in the 'New Stuff' file today. More is listed on including a beautiful 6464-325 original Sentinel boxcar. I am splitting the collection up between and, although most will appear here. There will be much more updated daily for the next week or so. I want to finish this collection by next Tuesday as I am going out of town next Wednesday. Would be nice to be finished by then. At any rate, please check out the new inventory. Some really hard to find and nice items!

March 7, 2003   [Incoming!] I know I already wrote about this, but I am excited about the new inventory coming from Texas. It consists mainly of very high grade Lionel post war trains. Most are boxed, and there are some very hard to find items in this 600+ piece collection. I leave tomorrow (Saturday), and will return on Monday. If I am successful in purchasing the collection, there will be a little lag time as I am mailing it back. In the meantime I will be working on the large Lionel MPC collection which is being delivered from Minnesota this morning. So we do have a lot of new inventory coming in that will appear here and on Please stay tuned!

March 1, 2003   [New Inventory!] We are still working on the Buffalo collection I purchased a couple of weeks ago. Check out new stuff above in the menu. Also check out where more will appear. This week I am purchasing a collection from Minneapolis and another from Houston, Texas. The Minneapolis collection will be delivered, but I have to travel to Houston. The two collections will have some very interesting 'stuff', so stay tuned!

February 21, 2003   [Choochoo Auctions Working] We are pretty sure the problem with has been fixed. There have been no problems and the site has been up for over a week.

February 12, 2003   [New Inventory] Finally we have started to ad some of the new inventory we have purchased over the past two weeks. Check out the 'new stuff' in the main menu! Much more to come over the next couple of weeks!

February 6, 2003   [] We are still working on We haven't figured out the problem as of yet, but we are hoping we are getting closer. Right now programmers are checking the software to see if there is in-fact a bug that is causing auctions to close erratically. If no bugs are found, we will try to completely re-set the database. The bad thing about that option is that we would loose all information including registration info. I've been avoiding this remedy because it would mean everyone would have to register again for the third time in six months which is somewhat of a pain in the neck for everyone involved. Once we feel that we have the problem solved, for a two or three week period we will test the site with dummy auctions before we actually are back up and running. Once again, thanks very much for your interest and patience. We can't wait to get back up and running!

February 4, 2003   [E-mail lost] I just returned from a buying trip only to find that all e-mail received while I was gone has been lost due to a virus. If you had sent me e-mail in the last 5 days, could you re-send?

January 28 2003   [ is down!] Due to a software bug is down. We are going to try to get it fixed, but it won't be right away. I've been given a time frame of around a week. If the software can't be repaired, we do plan on finding other software, although we are very hopeful it can be fixed. In the mean time we will be using Stout Auctions. The link to our auctions there is: Train City Auctions

January 15 2003   [ almost back up!] Someday I am going to write a book called 'The History of, which should be a best seller with all the trials, tribulations, and twists! I am very happy to say that the site is almost ready to come back from the dead! We have found some very nice software, and have also found a nice, secure place to put it. We should not loose that site again. We took a very hard look at several software packages, and I am pleased with the one we chose. It is simple, yet dynamic. Hopefully you will be pleased with it also. The site should be back up later today or tomorrow, so please click here to check.

January 8, 2003   [ host split town!] We have learned the very unfortunate news that our web hosts for have gone out of business with no warning. Thus the site is completely gone. We will be working to get new software over the next couple of days. We should be back up and running by the end of next week. I apologize to everyone this is affecting as I know there are many involved. We haven't had much luck with auction hosts this year, but we are going to take our time in selecting one this time. The site will be back up and functioning as soon as possible.

January 8, 2003   [ down] We are not sure of the status of at this time. A month ago our provers and developers of the auction software shut down their support forum. I have had no way to communicate with them, as they did not respond to my e-mails. Today we have found is not working. To make matters worse neither is our provider's web site, and both phone numbers that we have for them have been disconnected. At this point we are starting to look for software which if possible we will host on our own servers this time so this won't happen again. Please check back with the site as it is possible we are jumping the gun, however if in fact my worst fears are realized, unfortunately all auctions are suspended until we can find an alternative solution.

December 16, 2002   [New collection!] We just purchased a new collection consisting mainly of Lionel, but some Kusan, Marx, Atlas O, and other goodies. Most will appear on 'newstuff' within the next couple of days. Some will also appear on, so please continue looking.

December 5, 2002   [MTH Price Guide] Finally we have finished the Mikes' Train House Guide. We had to do extensive reorganization of our data to complete this part of our Price Guides. Of course these reflect the last price we sold each item for.

December 4, 2002   [Lionel Large Scale] If you are looking for Lionel Large Scale (G gauge), please check 'newstuff' or the browse above. You will find additions for the next couple of days.

November 27, 2002   [Trains From Germany!] Holy Cow! I can't believe it, but I just bought a collection from a German Gent who traveled to the US just to sell me these trains! That's the farthest anyone has ever traveled to sell me trains. I like it a lot! The collection is exclusively Lionel large scale. It won't start appearing in our database probably for around a week, as I am still working on the no box collection. However, if you are looking for G gauge Lionel trains, (which we usually don't handle), or you know someone who is, please stay tuned!

November 26, 2002   [All Menus Now Work] We have fixed all menus. Please report any problems or complaints to me at, especially if anything on any menu doesn't work.

November 26, 2002   [Shopping Cart Progress] We have made progress with the shopping cart, but have run into some problems with converting the other menus, so please use the main menu only for the shopping cart until we can get these fixed. The shopping cart itself works great. We have received several orders now through the new system and have found no problems or complaints that we know of. You have the option to register when you order. This eliminates you from having to place the same data over and over with each order, and we will give special discounts to registered users of our shopping cart system. Please report any problems or complaints to me at

November 25, 2002   [New Shopping Cart Up] We will be working on the new shopping cart today. It is functional if you can see '58 items added on 11/23 in the top right corner. Because of the change I have not received any e-mail since Saturday. That should be fixed today, so if you have written, that is why you have not received an answer yet.

November 22, 2002   [Important-Please Read] Today was the last shopping cart update for the old system. If you see something you would like, please order it before Sunday, Nov. 24th. On that day we will completely disable the old shopping cart system to avoid lost orders. Sometime after that, hopefully by Monday the new shopping cart will appear, and you may resume shopping.

November 21, 2002   [Shopping Cart Change-Over] We are changing our system either Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday. We will actually issue the domain change this coming Saturday the 23rd. It takes 2-4 days to go into affect. Initially you will see a difference in the top menu. This will be fixed asap, although it won't look great, it will be completely functional. Also initially the main menu will be the only menu that will work with the new shopping cart. The others will not work initially, however they will be fixed within a day or two of the change-over. This should be a pretty smooth transition, hopefully. Please report any problems you might encounter with the new system to I will make an announcement here once the transition has taken place.

November 11, 2002   [Good News/Bad News] The good news is, we have just purchased a very large Lionel train collection. The collection has some key Post War items as well as many Lionel MPC items. Unfortunately most of the Modern LIonel items do not have boxes. (You can bet as always any Modern Lionel without boxes will be priced right!) This is the first large collection that I have ever purchased that had more Post War boxes than Modern. The bad news is that I am leaving town later this week, and I will not be able to get to much of the collection done until I return next week. It is a nice collection though. Those of you who have been yelling for some nice Lionel are in for a treat when I return!

November 11,    [New Shopping Cart] Our new shopping cart system is almost ready. This will be up and running within two weeks. (Hopefully!) There are some fantastic features. It actually works! It allows you to sign in, so you don't have to repeat the same information every time you order. Gift certificates will be available. Members will periodically receive special discounts. It is easy to use paypal with this system. It is completely secure as was the old system. Did I say it actually works? We will make an announcement as soon as it is ready. In the mean time feel free to use the old system, which works most of the time!

October 29, 2002   [Shopping Cart Problems] We are having some increased ordering problems with our shopping cart system. We are receiving orders, however I know that many people are not able to submit their orders as well. It was my intention originally to keep the old shopping cart system, move it to another location where we could fix the problems. I am now exploring new software which will be much easier and friendly to use. By all means, please try to order on-line. I think most orders are going through. If you do have any problems though, please report them to me at I hope to have this problem resolved soon!

October 10, 2002   [Database Problem] Our database is down this morning for some reason. We are hopeful to have this resolved soon. This has happened a couple times in the past and as far as I know it has been a corrupted database. Since I have no access to the secure sector of our site I am relying on others to fix it. Please check back. This was fixed at 2PM today. Lots of new inventory so please check it out now that it is fixed!

September 20, 2002   [Auction Site domain moved] This announcement is a little late, as we actually completed the move of's domain a week ago. If you have been using the temporary link, please now use as always. The temporary link will still work, but due to some email filtering problems, it is probably better to use the old link. This is new software, so you have to register even if you were registered with the old software. There are still some bugs that are being worked on. We've had some nice compliments about the new site. Please visit it if you can. There are lots of auctions going on right now!

August 30 2002   [New Auction Site Now Available] You will be one of the first to register at the new if you follow the link below. This is only a temporary link that will turn into once the auctions on the old site are completed in two weeks. Please click on announcements in the new site when you get there. Announcements will be added periodically. Don't forget that the old is still active until all auctions end, so don't forget about that site as well. We will send out a mass e-mail announcement soon, so hurry so you can be one of the first to register. Click here for the temporary link. I understand that they have been moving sites around and the site may be up and down today. This should be resolved by tomorrow, hopefully!

August 27 2002   [Major Change at] Due to some problems with our old auction software, we will be changing software for We are asking sellers to stop placing new auctions there. The auctions that are now showing will run until finished. We are working on the new software now, and hope to have a temporary web site for new auctions by the end of the week. Once all auctions are closed on the old software we change the domain onto the new software. Thanks for your understanding and patience in this matter.

August 20 2002   [New American Flyer Collection on hold for buying trip] Later this week I am traveling to Tampa, Florida to pick up two Lionel collections, so this is the last day this week I will be able to work on the American Flyer collection. There is a lot more to come. You might say I am not quite half done, and the best is yet to come! I'll start up again early next week.

August 4, 2002   [New American Flyer Collection] I have just returned from Atlanta, Ga., where I picked up an outstanding American Flyer Collection. This is the highest quality collection I have ever purchased, and actually the most money I've every paid for an American Flyer collection. As a matter of fact others may think I'm nuts paying what I did, but I think it will be well worth it in the end, especially for collectors of high grade American Flyer. I will start working on this collection as soon as I am done with the Lionel collection I have been working on. Hopefully that will be within 10 days. Please Please check out our data files and as this new collection will be showing up soon!

July 22, 2002   [Price Guide Update] We have started our Price Guide update. This is well over due. The link for our price guide is just above in the links section. Our price guide is based on our sales history for sales for items, and hopefully you will find it helpful. I'll be updating the price guide over the next couple of weeks until finished. Take advantage, it's free!

July 17, 2002   [American Flyer Collection] We have just made commitment to purchase an enormous, high quality American Flyer collection. This will be purchased the first week of August. There are many new, like new, and excellent post war items included. Virtually all of the Lionel MPC American Flyer is included in new condition. As long as grading isn't an issue at pickup, this will start appearing the second week of August in the 'new stuff' file, and I usually don't jump the gun on collections, but wanted to pass the word as this will be spectacular, especially since I haven't had much Flyer lately. Please pass the word. Tell your friends!

July 14, 2002   [Buying Trip] I would like to apologize for my lack of updates to this site. I have been extremely busy working on lists that I have received. One has paid off, and I will be traveling to New England later this week to purchase a sizable Lionel collection. American Flyer collectors, don't give up hope! I have submitted a bid on a beautiful AF collection that I am waiting to hear back, and today and tomorrow I will be working on another huge AF collection. Unfortunately working on bids is very time consuming, but I wanted you to know that I am doing something other than golfing!

June 28, 2002   [Thunderstorms] Severe thunderstorms in the Tampa, Florida area where our servers for are located were the cause of the site being down two out of the last three nights. That is really bad luck on our part as we have a full page ad that just appeared in O Gauge Magazine featuring the site. Overall we have had very good up time for that site other than some email problems lately. Please hang in there with us as with any luck the bugs in the program will be fixed soon, and maybe mother nature will give us a break as well!

June 27, 2002   [Problems] Last night had a database problem and was down. It has been fixed and is now up. To make matters worse the database for this site is corrupted and not working. Hopefully that will be fixed soon. We apologize for these problems and appreciate your patience.

June 17, 2002   [Help Wanted] We have a couple of positions opened at Train City. Click here to view the positions.

June 11, 2002   [Buying Trip] I will be out of town this weekend starting Thursday to buy a collection in Orlando and meet with the host company for about some problems with the site that need fixed. Unfortunately most of the new Lionel post war collection will have to wait until I get back, although some will be finished today, possibly some more tomorrow although that is doubtful. The store will be open as usual. I sure hope my staff doesn't decide to have a 'BOSS IS OUT OF TOWN SALE' again! Almost went broke after the last one! Call and find out Thursday through Saturday.

June 7, 2002   [New Lionel Post War Collection] I have just returned from picking up a nice Lionel post war train collection. This will start appearing tomorrow on, and some will start appearing on Monday evening. The last post war collection we purchase flew out the door, so make sure you check back frequently to see the new items added daily for the next week or so. NOTE... Due to some problems that crept up Saturday, I won't be able to start this collection until Monday. Items will start appearing then.

May 15, 2002   [New Inventory] We have completed the two recent train collections. Actually there is more but it will all appear on I am purchasing a new collection that will start appearing on next week. If you like Lionel G gauge, there will be a fair amount appearing on over the next couple of days. Just look under Scale: G Gauge. There are many other items in O and O-27, Lionel, MTH and others that will appear there as well.

May 4, 2002   [New Collection Started] We have started the new collection. Please check out the 'new stuff' regularly over the next couple of weeks. Much more to come!

April 29, 2002   [Collection near completion] It has been a long haul, but we are finally seeing daylight in this post war collection. There will be a little bit more appearing on, but the majority will be placed on Don't forget we still have another sizable collection to process, but I am going to take a couple of days to try to reduce the huge pile of train collection lists that are sitting on my desk, so that we will be able to purchase even more collections! Thanks very much to those of you who have been buying the new collection items. It has been flying out the door, which is very much appreciated!

April 29, 2002   [E-Mail problem at] We are currently having a problem with blank winning notices and other types of emails sent from This is a problem with our host company who has had a change over in personnel, and the new programmers don't exactly know who's on first. Please bear with us on this. I am doing everything I possibly can including pulling my hair out, standing on my chair and freaking out, yelling, screaming and pleading to try to get them to fix this. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. Your patience will probably help save my life, so I certainly do appreciate any help you can give me here! Once again I am sorry about this. Seriously I am doing everything I can to get them to figure this out.

April 20, 2002   [New Inventory Purchase] Sorry for the delay in processing the new Lionel Post War collection. This will resume today. One of the reasons is that I purchased yet another collection which will be processed after finishing this one. This will be interesting as it consist of modern Lionel, MPC, and others. There are few original boxes, however everything grades excellent or better. (I guess he didn't have a need for boxes.) At any rate, to say the least prices will be slashed, so if you don't care about having boxes, and like buying trains cheap, stick around for this one. You won't want to miss these deals!

April 13, 2002   [New Inventory Purchase] We've purchased another collection. This is mainly Lionel Post War. There are some beautiful items in this collection. Some are even new! We'll be working on this one for the coming week, so make sure you check out the 'new stuff frequently, especially if you like nice Lionel Post War. You can check out some pictures before we packed them here.

April 6, 2002   [New Inventory] We've just purchased a nice Lionel post war collection. Most items have boxes, and many have instruction sheets. I've graded many items VG+, but once they are cleaned up, I think they will grade higher. More of this collection will appear on over the next couple of days. There will actually be some really nice items that won't appear on, so please check the auctions out as well as the 'new stuff'.

April 3, 2002   [Back From Vacation] I was away for 11 days on vacation, and have just returned. I had intended to do some work on the web pages while gone, but you know how that goes. Of course the store and other operations were open while I was gone, however there are some things I got behind on. Should be caught up within a day or two.

April 3, 2002   [Closing Checking Account] We are closing our old PNC Bank checking account as of April 30th. If you have a Train City check drawn on that bank, please cash it before the end of this month.

March 17, 2002   [Message Boards Working] Our Message Boards are working once again. Please check them out.

March 8, 2002   [Alternative To Message Boards] I have found that our message board provider had a breach in security and had to shut the boards down temporarily. They state, they should be up shortly. An alternative to our message boards is a new Yahoo Group called Choochoo-Trains. It is actually our new Yahoo group. You have to be registered with Yahoo to use it, which is a very easy process you can do right from the group. There are message boards there and many other features if you would like to take advantage. Please join me, as I'm the only member at this time!

March 6, 2002   [Message Boards Down] Our message boards seem to be down, and may have been down for some time as I haven't seen any messages. I am not certain what is wrong, but I will have this fixed as soon as possible February 15, 2002   [Webcam on today] We'll try this again. I am going to be processing this collection with my webcam on again today so you can see the trains as I open the boxes. Use your yahoo account to access our cam. My yahoo ID is traincity1. I may be wearing a gas mask. That's because I am allergic to dust. Should be on most of the day.

February 11, 2002   [MTH ID Change] We have changed our part number identification for Mike's Train House from MTH to MH. Part numbers will now start with MH instead of MTH. Please keep this in mind when ordering. Thanks, and sorry if there is any short term inconvenience.

February 8, 2002   [Processing Trains on Computer Cam Today] Trying something different today. I'll be at my desk working on this collection most of the day and will have my camera on. If you are set up on yahoo, please join me. I'll show you what's new as I pull it from the box. I'll be working from around 8:30 AM to 3 or 4 PM EST. My yahoo ID is traincity1. I may be wearing a gas mask. That's because I am allergic to dust.

February 2, 2002   [Incoming Inventory] Starting today over the next couple of weeks you will find many new items appearing in the 'new stuff' file daily. In addition to the Florida collections I took a little trip down state yesterday and picked up a collection. I had actually purchased trains from this Gentleman around 10 years ago. He was so happy with that deal that he decided to sell the rest to me. However he didn't want to get involved with inventorying the collections, so I picked the trains up, will inventory them and pay him when I am done. This is the first time this has happened, and I certainly do appreciate his trust. It will be like Christmas morning with this one, as I only have a vague idea of what is in this one. It filled a 10 foot truck, so there is a lot of 'stuff'! I know there is American Flyer S gauge, Lionel post war and MPC, lots of Mike's Train House, Weaver, K-Line, I think I even saw some standard gauge as I peeked in one of the boxes! Please check the new stuff often, as you know this will be some really nice 'stuff'!

January 30, 2002   [I'm back!!] Thanks to all of you that called and got the deal of a lifetime! I'm going to kill those girls. Oh well, much more inventory incoming very soon! Keep your eye on the 'new stuff'.

January 24, 2002   [Boss Is Out Of Town Sale] I'll be in a much more livable climate for the next couple of days, picking up a train collections, and maybe if I'm lucky, knocking a little ball around the links. So, please stay tuned. Lots of new inventory coming soon. If you see anything you can't live without, remember Train City is still opened, even though I'm out of town. (I'll check my e-mail also, if I get the chance.) And if you feel like it, call the store and ask about 'The Boss Is Out Of Town Sale'. You'll probably be happy you did. I'll probably not be real happy. I'm not sure what the deal is, so you'll have to talk to the staff on this one. (I hope I have a store to come back to!!) Sale ends when I get back. Call: 814 833-8313.

December 28, 2001   [Database problem] This has been fixed. Everything works now! (Thank goodness!!!!)

December 24, 2001   [Happy Holidays] We would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. No matter what religion you practice, may your Holiday Season be filled with peace and joy. And hope your New Year is very prosperous. Thanks very much to those of you that have patronized our business. You are the reason we are here, and for that we are very grateful.

December 1, 2001   [Coming soon..American Flyer Collection] By George, I've done it! Just purchased an American Flyer S gauge collection. Lots of nice trains in this one. Make sure you click on the 'new stuff file over the next couple of days starting later today!

November 30, 2001   [Extended Holiday Hours] Our December hours (before Christmas) are extended. They are: Mon-Fri 10AM - 8PM, Saturday 10AM - 5PM, and Sunday Dec 9th, 16th, and 23rd Noon - 4PM. All are in EST of course!

November 23, 2001   [Clarification] Please note our offer to beat any price found in CTT or OG by 10% applies only to 1999 and before production. This does not apply to 2000 and 2001 production such as Lionel Sets, Etc.

November 6, 2001   [New Inventory Alert!] I've just purchased another HUGE train collection. We filled a truck completely with this collection, and it took us 5 hours to fill it! The collection consists mainly of modern Lionel and MTH, however there is also Lionel post war, K-Line, Weaver, and some other manufactures. As usual prices will be extremely low. As a matter of fact if you find prices lower in other dealer adds in Classic Toy Trains or O Gauge, let me know and we'll beat their prices by 10%. I want to move this stuff, so please look through the 'new stuff' files daily, as there are going to be many additions over the next couple of weeks. (Over 1500 items in this collection!)

October 13, 2001   [ back up!] is back up and running.  As of now the only problem that I am aware of is that we are not receiving emails for closing auctions.  I am hoping that this will be fixed soon.  If you encounter any other problems, please let me know at Also since the site was completely down on October 10th and 11th and affected our closing auctions, all traincity auctions for those days will end one week later on October 17th and 18th.  They will pop up again by Monday.  We decided to do this in all fairness to everyone involved. Thank you very much for your patience and understanding in this tough transition week.  We have received only one complaint, but have received many encouraging messages.  You guys are the greatest!!!

October 10, 2001   [ Down] I have just found out that which is my provider for has been sold. Thus in this transition as is the usual case, there could be some problems with It is down right now, but I just got done talking with technical support, and they are working on the problem. Please bear with us on this. We will have the site fully operational as soon as possible. (I wish auctionshare would have told me that this was going to happen, but not a word. I found it out through the grapevine after problems with the site over the last couple days. Nothing is easy!!!!)

October 2, 2001   [Collection Completed] We have finished processing the new collection into However we will be adding many more items to, so please check that site often.

September 26, 2001   [Help!!] Here are some pictures of the new collection that I have been working on. Just look at these pictures and I am sure you will know why I need help!!!

September 13, 2001   [Huge Lionel Post War Collection Purchased] We have just purchased a very large Lionel Post War Collection. I believe this is the largest Post War collection I have ever purchased. There is also some pre-war and some modern, but the vast majority is Post war. This will start appearing in the 'New Stuff' above and at shortly.

September 9, 2001   [Message Boards back up] Our Message Boards were down for a couple of days because the url was changed, and no one told me. The link should work at now. I'll fix the one at tomorrow.

August 16, 2001   [New Standard Gauge Collection Pictures] We have finally finished processing the standard gauge collection that we purchased a couple of weeks ago. You can find the new items by clicking on 'New Stuff" in the gray menu above. You can also find some items from this collection at Click here for pictures some pictures of items from this collection.

July 31, 2001   [Standard Gauge Starts Today] We'll be working on the new collection starting today. There will be many new items appearing in the 'new stuff' file. This collection will probably take around a week to finish, so please check back frequently. If you know someone who is looking for American Flyer or Lionel Standard gauge, please let them know.

July 24, 2001   [On The Road Again] I'll be in Georgia purchasing an American Flyer and Lionel pre-war standard gauge collection July 26th & 27th. Please be patient if you email me, as I probably won't be able to answer you until I return. You can e-mail the store at, or call at 814 833-8313. If you collect Standard Gauge, you will want to take a look at our 'new stuff' next week.

July 6, 2001   [Angela Trotta Thomas Prints] We have a number of those beautiful Angela Trotta Thomas prints on Also we have some for sale in the store that are already framed. The prints being auctioned are not framed. The ones in the store are, and here is an example of ways you can have them framed, if you win any of the auctions. Angela does beautiful work doesn't she?

June 26, 2001   [Buying Collections] We are now in the buy mode again. Finished processing the large collection we purchased several weeks back and am now very interested in purchasing new collections. At this point I am mainly interested in Pre and post war Lionel, American Flyer, and Marx. However if you have something other than what I have mentioned, please send a list anyway.

June 20, 2001   [Still here!] Sorry I've been neglecting this section of our pages over the past couple of weeks. We have finally finished the huge Milwaukee collection, and are moving onto other collections at this time. We are still busy placing new inventory on, so please visit there frequently, so you won't miss out on a great deal you've been looking for. All I have time for. Have a tee time in an hour. Please buy some trains and support my golf addiction!

May 24, 2001   [Best Deals] I've been processing the new collection, and now have some 30% of it completed. There is much more to come. Some of the items I am processing, I am not that familiar with. My objective is to price the items as low as you can find elsewhere, but I am sure there are going to be some items that I will miss. We have a standing policy on Lionel, MTH, Weaver, and other modern trains, that our prices are the lowest you will find, or we will match or beat the price. This is compared to magazine ads only such as Classic Toy Trains and O-Gauge. But if you do find something lower in these magazines than ours, please let us know where you found it, and we will at least match it before discounts!

May 19, 2001   [New Collection] I've been working hard on the new collection which is huge. This will take me at least 3 weeks to finish doing $10,000.00 worth of inventory a day. Be assured 99% of the modern Mike's Train House, Lionel, K-Line, Williams, Weaver, etc are absolutely new in the boxes. Many boxes come with the original shipping box. We also snuck an American Flyer S gauge collection in. That is in the new stuff with this collection. Hope you find something you can use!

May 12, 2001   [Largest Collection Ever!!] I've just returned from the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area, where I have purchased the largest collection yet. The thing I really love about this collection other than the fact that there are a whole bunch of trains, is that 99% of the non-Lionel post war trains are absolutely new in the original boxes. Most have never been opened, and many are sealed. (The post war Lionel is beautiful also, but for the most part not new.) Included are some very expensive engines that Lionel and MTH made. In addition there is Lionel post war, modern, MTH, Weaver, K-Line, Williams, and even some Angela Trotta Thomas paintings. This is the most money I've ever spent on one collection! Here is some proof how big this collection is. The truck pictured is a 24 foot truck and it is full of trains as you can see in pictures # 1 - 2 - 3. Boy do I ever love driving those big trucks. Especially when they are filled with trains!s So now you have to get me out of this financial mess and buy some of these trains. You can bet prices are going to be great as always, (but especially now, cause I have to buy food for the family), so please check out our 'new stuff' over the next month or so!

April 9, 2001   [Thanks for the business!] We'd like to take time to thank everyone who has ordered lately on or Our UPS man is going nuts, and well he should be! Be ready for some more great deals with new inventory coming very soon!!!

March 31, 2001   [Congratulations Train City] Train City Locos hockey team that is! They came home with the cup today in the championship game in the Erie Hockey tournament. The icing on the cake was that my son John was named MVP. Congratulations guys. What a wonderful way to cap off a very successful season!

March 28, 2001   [New Inventory] I purchased a new collection last week that will start appearing on tomorrow. Also check out, as there will be items added there as well over the next couple of weeks.

March 18, 2001   [Train collection news] I have finished processing around 85% of the new train collection. There will be no more added to this site at least for a while because I am sneaking out of town for a couple of days. There will be many items appearing on over the next couple of weeks as well as what is already on that site. Please see the following message for more details.

March 18, 2001   [ update] The remainder of the new train collection will appear on our auction site over the next couple of weeks. It will appear daily even though I will be out of town as Debbie will be doing this. There will be some beautiful Lionel post war appearing as well as some nice boxed plasticville, MPC items, and misc. other items. Please make sure you check out daily if you don't already.

March 13, 2001   [New Collection News] The new train collection we purchased is absolutely gorgeous. Especially the Lionel post war. We are having difficulty processing it because the boxes and trains were separated, and we have to put them together. Hopefully we can get the trains in the boxes tomorrow, and once that is done, processing will go much faster. Make sure you check out as well, as there will be items included there also. Tonight one of the items will be a boxed heliport.

March 11, 2001   [Incoming Inventory!] Well, I snuck one in on you this time. I just purchased a high grade mainly post war train collection. This will be appearing on both and over the next couple of weeks. If you collect high grade Lionel post war, you aren't going to miss a day of searching our sites!!

March 8, 2001   [Ouch!] Once again ebay has pulled our auctions from their site leaving us no choice but to pull their link from our web pages. We do not plan on auctioning trains using ebay any time soon. Then why would we want to when we have access to a great site like!

February 26, 2001   [Knocked off Ebay!] We had 11 auctions that were suddenly closed by Ebay last week. For those of you who might have been bidding, there was no explanation. Ebay did send us a letter stating that we were advertising within those auctions, which is not allowed. Evidently Ebay doesn't monitor their auctions very closely as we had the same 'Buying' advertisement at the top of all Ebay auctions for several months now. At any rate, we were not kicked off Ebay as rumor has it, only warned. To be honest, I don't blame Ebay for having these policies and enforcing them, as obviously they want the whole pie, not just a piece of it. At any rate, I just wanted to explain this situation and why we have no auctions running on Ebay at this time, not to say we won't in the future. Our auctions are exclusively at at least for the time being.

February 22, 2001   [New Inventory] We just purchased a small American Flyer collection in the shop today. Among other things, you will find a 336 and 290 Steam engine in 'new stuff' above. The 336 grades very good with the original wrapper. I think this is the large motor version. It comes with the horn control. It is missing one number marker, and needs some tlc in lubrication and contact enhancement. I did get it to run, however that was after a while. I think the reversing unit barrel is dirty. At any rate, we haven't had one of these in a long time, so don't hesitate. The 290 engine is actually nicer than described, but it has some rust on the tender, and needs the same work as the 336. There will be more American Flyer and Plasticville added to Friday night, so please check it out.

February 12, 2001   [Lionel Closes Chesterfield Plant] It is official -- termination of manufacturing operations will be complete by the end of August, 2001. This will terminate approximately 325 employees. The distribution center and corporate headquarters will continue to reside in Chesterfield. Lionel has hired Modern Human Resource Systems, a Company with a national reputation for helping employees displaced as a result of down sizings and closings. There are two sides to every story and had the UAW come in costs would have skyrocketed for Lionel. But it is sad to see the factory shut down for foreign labor. What will happen to Lionel in the future? For some interesting views please go to our Message Boards. Get in on the fun and let others know your feelings also.

January 11, 2001   [Canadian On-Line Order Problem] If you are ordering trains from our on-line shopping cart system from Canada, please note that in order to do that, you have to us the US as your country and just state that it is a Canadian order in the comments. I am sorry about this problem. We've been orphaned, and I can't get it fixed.

December 31, 2000   [Paypal] We now welcome paypal payments on our auctions and at We haven't refined our form yet, so if you would like to make payment for an on-line order on using paypal, please indicate you are sending a check in the form. Then explain you are making payment using paypal. Our account number for paypal is If you would like more information about paypal, which I think is a fantastic service, please click here. If you sign up as a new member, please put our email address in as referrer.

December 30, 2000   [Good News/Bad News] The good news is that those irritating banners that appear at the top of our auction pages will be gone soon. The bad news- that is going to add to our cost to maintain the web site. We will keep it free (to list auctions) as long as possible, but at some point we may have to start charging a nominal fee. Bidding on auctions will always be free no matter what!

December 11, 2000   [Price Guides Updated] After a couple of years, we finally updated the price guides. We found a new and nicer looking format for them. Handy if you need some pricing reference. Please note the items shown are not in our current inventory. Click here to see the price guides.

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