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The Dumpster Side of Trains
That's a great title isn't it? Now if I could only figure out what to write that would be appropriate with such a wonderful title. I guess I could write something like the fact that I'm loosing my memory, and I do deal in trains. That would .... Continued next page
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What's New at Train City
Updated July 6, 1999
July, 1999   [New Inventory Coming Soon] I just returned from North Dakota after puchasing a very nice Lionel post war collection. Most grades Very Good+ to Like New. This should arrive at our store early next week, so you will start to see it in our inventory shortly after. To see some picture of the collection click here .

July, 1999   [Take a sneak preview of our new look] We are making some changes to our pages. If you would like to see our new look, and maybe give us some feedback, please click here. The pages aren't completely finished yet. There will be more changes, but they should be fully functional. If you find any bugs, please let us know. Please don't bookmark the new pages, as they are only temporarily housed.

July, 1999   [Chasing Lionel Trains In North Dakota] I will be somewhere in North Dakota buying a large, high grade Lionel Post War Collection from July 3rd to the 5th. The store will be open on the 3rd, but closed on the 5th for the holiday. I will not be available to answer email until the from the 3rd to the 6th of July. Have a happy 4th, and be prepared to buy some very nice post war Lionel if that is your thing.

July, 1999   [A New Look For Train City] For the past couple of months we have been developing a new look for our web pages. Actually the new pages will be similar to our present look, however there will be drastic changes to the performance and ease of use of our pages. It will also make it easier to track our inventory. Our new look should be launched in the beginning of July, with an outside chance by the end of June. I want this to be as trouble free as possible, so we are being careful to test it thoroughly before launching. However there will be some bugs I am sure, and we will greatly appreciate your help in identifying them so we can make necessary corrections. We hope you will enjoy our new look once you see it.

June, 1999   New Purchases Make sure you check out our New Stuff section, as we have purchased quite a bit of new inventory over the past week. Included are some interesting pre war Lionel, Post War Lionel, and some very recent Lionel in addition to a little American Flyer, and Marx. Don't forget about our guarantee for the lowest prices on Lionel MPC. Click here . Were you able to take advantage of our 'I'm still alive' sale that was run between June 2 and June 10? We gave 10% off on all items in stock if you knew about it. If you didn't, and would like to take advantage of future sales make sure you sign up for our E-Mail List. Just click on 'email list' and sign up. Incidentally if you look under the search window above on this page, you will find the links I just mentioned, which are always there.

June, 1999   [Looking To Buy] We are now actively seeking train collections to purchase. If you have trains to sell, or know of someone who does, please get in touch. We are especially looking for large collections of trains. [Hint: We pay more when we are looking to buy!] We also pay generous finder's fees.

For questions or comments, email or call us at 814 833-8313.
Train City, 3133 Zuck Road, Erie, Pa. 16506
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