I was in Florida about to run three or four miles in Cocoa Beach, on Sunday August 15, 1999. It was a very hot day, and I wasn't really looking forward to this run. As I approached the beach, I dialed in a radio station that was playing absolutely magnificent religious music. As I started running, I noticed the beauty of the beach, the clouds, the water, the launch pads on Cape Canaveral came into view, and the music. I became totally overwhelmed. I got this wonderful, indescribable feeling. And my mind wandered, and I thought of things that I don't think of enough. I prayed to God as I ran.

And what promised to be a very hard, grueling run, turned into one of the most enjoyable, refreshing moments in my life.

I am mainly a private person when it comes to religion. I was raised Episcopalian, but converted to Roman Catholic when our first Son was born, mainly because my wife and I decided it would be nice to raise our children both being of one religion.

I have always believed in God. Inside me, I know there is a God, and that Jesus Christ has saved us. But everyone has different religious beliefs, and of course I respect them.

I do not profess to be over religious, and possibly it is partly because of that fact that prompted me to create this page.

I have always believed that my success in life is not of my own doing, but God's. I try to thank God every time something good comes in my life, as I know it is his doing.

Today I found the link for the radio station that inspired me that day. Even though you may not be in their listening range, you can read about the station, and their ideas by clicking here. I hope you do.

God bless you.

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