York Train Show

The Eastern Division of the TCA (Train Collectors of America) holds it's Meet twice a year in April and October.

The Meet, better know as 'York' is held in York, Pennsylvania, which is located approximately 20 miles South of Harrisburg.

This is the largest Train Meet in the world. If you ever attend, you will not believe it. Last time that I counted there were eight gigantic halls, some designated for dealers, some for collectors. Each hall is named after a color such as red, purple, yellow, etc. All halls sell out to train vendors well in advance of each show.

You must be a member of the TCA to attend, or if you know a member, you can go as a guest one time.

If you have an interest in becoming a TCA member and attending the show, you may E-Mail the TCA directly and ask for more information. We would be happy to sponsour you.

If you are driving through NW Pa to get to York, please consider stopping buy our store. For more information on directions to our store and store hours, please follow this link.

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