I have retired after 45 years in the coin and electric train business.

To all our customers everywhere, thank you for your business. You kept us in business for a long time and we really appreciate it.

This site will be up for an extended time. The price guide will be active for as long as the site is up. Actually there is a lot of helpful information on this site which you are welcome to use.

Although I have retired, I am keeping busy. I have resumed my interest in coin collecting. If you have coins for sale, I may be interested in purchasing an entire collection to find coins I need for my collection. If you have a list of your coin collection, please send it. Please keep in mind I will not be dealing in coins, but only collecting.

What is really keeping me busy though is I am writing software for coin collecting which will help organize coin collections. My original intention was to make the program very simple, but after 6 months of development it has gotten much more involved. What started as a USA coins only program is now a worldwide coin program and will be very helpful to anyone using it I believe.

I don't plan on selling the software but once finished it will be offered free of charge. I don't know when that will be though! If you have an interest in coin collecting, please stay tuned!