Our Warehouse System
Posted by Charles Siegel 12/28/2017 - Blog 1

Our first post on the new traincity.com site should open with some information to you about how we do business that we have never discussed before. We are housed in a 3000 square foot warehouse which is a perfect size. The section you are looking at in the picture is part of the section where we maintain auction inventory. Everything is recorded in our data where it is located. Without this system it would be mass confusion!

That is Robin picking an order which is really at the end of the process of an auction.

Auctions begin with what I call raw inventory which has not been processed yet from it's original purchase. The amount of work involved in each auction is more than you probably think. First each item is graded, described, weighed, etc, etc and recorded in our computer data. Once every item is processed that way each item is photographed. Once each item is photographed, they must be one by one placed in their location and recorded on the computer.

Then finally we get to the point of where Robin is picking the auction that you won. (At least we hope you won!)

And of course the the auction or auctions are sent your way in a timely manner.

Hope you now understand that we aren't just sitting on our you know whats here. We are working hard to make you happy! Hopefully you are.