Our Shopping Cart
Posted by Charles Siegel 1/27/2018 - Blog 2

So we finally made it. We got our new web site up and I think you will like it a lot. Much simpler to navigate and the information is much more relevant. We are now in the process of entwining this blog with both traincity.com and choochooauctions.com which should be completed soon.

A great feature of our new web site is our shopping cart. Our old shopping cart had a lot to be desired to say the least. This one features pictures, and is much better organized.

You can enter our shopping cart by clicking on shop at the top of our pages on traincity.com or a link you will find on choochooauctions.com.

The site will be updated generally each Friday with new item listings.

No matter when you order from our shopping cart you will receive a discount. You may also receive emails from us with special discounts for our shopping cart so watch out for them.

At checkout you can either pay with a credit cart, paypal, or you can hold for a phone call which will be the easiest way to combine with auctions you might have won.

We will also place some key rare pieces on the front page of the shopping cart at times. So make sure you check out our shopping cart. And most of all have fun with your trains. That's what life's about!