Useless nonsense that you need not know about Train City, Inc.
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Train City once forced a family of five out of their house into the streets. Well not exactly. The business actually started out as a coin shop in Erie, PA. Coins take up a lot less room so the store was originally the garage that attached to the house. Plenty of room for coins! The original store was small and train inventory was expanding. Once the kitchen started to get filled up with boxes of trains that is when the Siegel family decided it was time to look for another house to live in. They did!

Choochooauctions was literally kicked off of the the internet in the early days. And that is the truth. Choochooauctions is written in perl and sql which evidently are very loud and noisy computer languages. Literally the site was kicked off of a shared server forcing it to move to a dedicated server where it sits today.

The Florida move put the squeeze on business. Train City, Inc. first moved to a 1,700 square foot space when it moved to Florida. There was a 500 square foot warehouse only it was around the corner, through the gravel which made it very difficult to transport trains with a dolly. After the first yearís lease was over the business moved down the road to a comfortable 3000 square foot space where it is located today.

Train City, Inc. started as Train City. The business was a sole proprietorship for 27 years until the business was incorporated in 2008 in Pennsylvania. The business moved to Florida in a brilliant move and of course the corporation had to be moved to Florida as well.

The largest collection Train City ever purchased was actually located in two different states. It took two large trucks to transport the first part of the collection from Illinois to Florida. The remainder was moved around two months later from North Carolina.

Train City is truly a family business. Every man, woman, and child in the Siegel family has bought or sold trains at some time in their lives. John and Charlie and sometimes Kathy used to accompany their dad to train shows. Their cousin George used to work in the store. Charlesí mother Elizabeth used to help out twice a month and help publish the monthly lists. Still today Charles, Ginger, and John work in the store and Kathy helps with web sites. Why a couple of months ago Charlie helped with some legal advice. You canít get more of a true family business than that!

Train City, Inc. is very dog friendly. Orion, Willy, and Sir Nicholas are regulars as well as some surprise visitors!

Train City has purchased train collections from every state in the union except for Nebraska. As a matter of fact Charles Siegel has never stepped foot in Nebraska. (If you have a collection thatís located in Nebraska, you might get top dollar if itís big enough for travel!)

John Siegelís game of choice is hockey. The first thing he looked for when he moved to Florida was a skating rink. And he found one. John plays hockey three or four times a week. That is one reason you will never find him working on Tuesday afternoons!

Susie Hinds is from England. (As if you canít tell if you ever talked with her over the phone.)

Charles Siegel is such a golf nut that he usually works on Sundays so that he can play on his Monday morning league.

Monica Siegel does not exist.

The first train ever purchased by the business prior to Train City was around 7 boxes of Marx trains of which $35.00 was paid.

Train City was located some 20 miles from the Marx Toy Train factory which was located in Girard, PA.

Train City is now located between 5 miles and 17 miles of the launch pads in Cape Canaveral.

The Hunt brothers influence the beginning of Train City. They pushed silver to the breaking point. When silver and gold came crashing down it made it very difficult to make money as a coin dealer and thus Train City was born.

Bob Zimmer of Erie, PA is Train Cityís first buying customer. He still buys trains from Train City today.

Train City was originally located on the corner of 32nd and Zuck Road in Erie, PA. The building is now an insurance agency.

Train Cityís Erie phone number is still in service. Due to the enormous number of old issues of Classic Toy Trains they advertised in. (If you ring that number it transfers to their Florida office.)

Train Cityís founder Charles Siegel was diagnosed with Cancer in 2010. He is alive and well today. He is still fighting the disease.

Train City and choochooauction.comís servers are located in Michigan.

The developers of accidentally came up with a plan for the main page of the site. They decided to feature a different train scene every week. The picture is based on the weather in Erie, PA to make it more seasonal!

Train City, Inc. is the owner of is an open on-line auction site in which anyone selling electric trains can use for a fee.

There is never a fee for buying trains on

There is no snow in Cape Canaveral, FL. There is snow in Erie, PA. (Thus why Train City, Inc. is in Florida.)

As an internet company Train City, Inc. does not have a showroom or store. Visitors are not encouraged to visit unless they are selling a collection since everything that is processed basically is an auction.

If you got this far you are the most knowledgeable Train City, Inc. type person ever. Congratulations!!!