Orion 'Mighty Dog'!
Willi and Orion Orion has been the backbone of Train City now for years. I first met Orion at my house in Erie, Pa. when my son John and his then girlfriend puchased the pup. Being a Jack Russel Terrier you can imagine the amount of energy that was in that dog when he was young. I remember the first time I drove him to our store in my car. He was so small, but so energetic and lovable!!

Well John was in college at the time and he took Orion back to school and we saw him from time to time. That is until Orion was kicked out of Mercyhurst College. Evidently dogs weren't allowed. Imagine that! So guess where he went. Yes he lived with myself and Ginger for a while. That is until John and his girlfriend decided to transfer to West Virginia University.

But then of course he ended up with John and his girlfriend at college once again. And so we saw Orion from time to time.

You probably guessed once again Orion was kicked out of college. But this time my wife put her foot down. She had fallen in love with the little guy and she told John we'd only take Orion if it was for good!

So for the next couple of years Orion went to work with me many days and took care of the store and customers in some cases. What a dog.

Then we turned everything upside down and moved to Florida with Kathy my daughter, John my son, Joe my nephew, Dawn John's turtle, and Orion. I'll never forget that move. But that's another story.

And then for almost the next eleven years Orion was just one of the family. I couldn't imagine being at home or in the warehouse without him. But as nothing is forever on March 22nd, 2019 after suffering for a year with cancer, Orion passed away. So sad. And he will be missed every day for the rest of our lives.

But in the mean time John picked another dog, Willi who is another terrier and just the most wonderful dog. The picture on this page is of Orion and Willi. Coolest dogs ever!! Willi is taking the torch and now the new Train City dog.

Orion, we love you very much and will always love you!!

This price guide is dedicated to Orion 'Mighty Dog'!!