My first (and only) train ride

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My first (and only) train ride

Post by charlie » Sun Jun 02, 2019 3:37 am

OK so I can't sleep so thought I'd write a memory down here. Not such a great memory, but I have only taken one train trip in my life and well here's what happened.

The year was around 1968. At the time I played in a rock and roll band and we had a big gig in Corry, PA this one Winter night. I can't remember that much about the gig, but afterward Rich and myself decided instead of going straight back home to Erie, we would take a side tour to nearby New York State for a brewsky or two since we technically weren't allowed to drink in Pennsylvania.

I remember the bar we ended up at in Mayville, NY. I can't remember much of what happened in that bar, but I can tell you that we must have had fun as we ended up staying overnight in a nearby motel.

So I've always had this thing about needing orange juice first thing in the morning. But when we woke up the next morning it was snowing so hard, why I'll bet you could call it a blizzard. So in my almighty wisdom needing orange juice Rich and I got in our car and pulled onto the road. We didn't get far because I was completely blinded by the blizzard and we had stopped right there in the middle of the road.

In the meantime a car which was traveling too fast for conditions was coming straight at us and hit us head on throwing me out of the driver's seat. I remember my head ended up a couple of feet from the tires of that car.

Well we survived that one, but my mom's car didn't. It was not drive-able. So after having to spend another night in that town, the next morning we were able to catch a train that took us back to Erie. Not the best introduction to a train ride you can imagine. Maybe that is why I've never taken another one since! Although I would love to take one through Canada. My buddy Bob Zimmer has done that several ties and tells me it is much better to ride on a train when you don't have to!

It is a miracle that my mother talked to me much back then. Around two years before I had taken her 1957 Chevy up to the thruway and blew the motor out as I had tried to see how fast I could go.

Memories, memories. Not so good memories!!!! :|

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