Start To Finish Sell Process
1. Initial contact where you contact us and let us know what you have for sale. If you have an inventory list this would be an appropriate time to send it. If not, we can give you information on how to make one. There is a slight possibility that you won't need to make an inventory list which will be explained below. Also helpful information for us is the location of the collection, condition of the collection, if there are original boxes, email address where we can send a quote.

2. We may ask for more information or possibly we can discuss your priorities in selling your collection. Possibly it would be impossible for you to provide us with a list. At that point we might want to talk about other possibilities. Truthfully we rarely proceed without a list but that is not written in stone. We have traveled and purchased collections on other terms such as a guarantee buy or some other such proposition. Please keep in mind collections have to meet a certain size or have other collections in the area or en-route in order for us to travel. One other thing please include an email address so we can respond in a timely manner. We do not quote over the phone. Only in writing.

3. Our quote is based on today's train market. We have a program that compares inventory to our last sales price for items. There is more information in 'Our Quote Basis' so that you will know exactly how we figure your quote.

4. Hopefully you will say yes and at that point we go onto the next step which is going ahead with the sale.

5a. If the collection is large enough or if there are other collections in your area and we are able to travel to you, we will set a date. In this case we will come to you, inspect the collection, and make payment. We ask that all items are in their original boxes and packed ready to go if possible. If that is not possible we need to know. It is possible we will have to adjust our quote especially if items are not in the original boxes. We do not charge extra for traveling to you. Another option is if you can travel to us. We may be able to pay you more if this is a possibility.

5b. If we have decided to have you ship the collection. Please pack all loose items out of the box in bubble wrap if possible. It usually isn't necessary to tape the bubble wrap shut but if you do please don't use packing tape. Scotch tape is much easier to open. Newspaper can be used also but is not quite as good as bubble wrap. Pack all items carefully. The boxes should not rattle!! Once all shipping packages are ready to go weigh each one and let us know the weight of box 1,2,3, and so on. We also need your address and phone number. We will then email through UPS pre-paid labels you tape on each box. Then you can take them to any Fedex facility or have Fedex pick the boxes up at no charge to you. (This is if our offer included shipping.)

6. Let us know when the shipment goes out and we will let you know when they arrive. After inspection we will send a check for the agreed amount if there are no problems. We are not nit pickers. 99% of the time we send full payment even if some items are not quite what we expected. Turn around time is generally within a week depending on the size of the collection. Many times it takes us less time to turn it around.

7. Once you receive the check and all is cool, I will contact you and probably ask if I can use you as a reference. Absolutely no need to comply. But hopefully you will be happy about our transaction.